Tips on Finding the Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Raccoon eyes, panda eyes, black circles under your eyes – whatever you call them, no one likes dark under eyes and everyone is curious what the best eye cream for dark circles is. Before discussing the eye cream for dark circles and other products to help get rid of them (like serums), let’s go over the causes of dark circles and what criteria to look for in your search for the best eye cream for dark circles.

  • What causes dark circles under the eyes? Melanin formation and poor circulation in the under-eye area are two causes of dark circles. If a person doesn’t normally have dark circles under their eyes, then the appearance of dark circles could be caused by a current lack of sleep or overstress. These types of temporary eye discolorations can be covered up with under-eye concealer as treatment with an eye cream for dark circles is applied to help them fade.

It is possible that a person with persistent dark circles consistently doesn’t get enough sleep, is continuously overstressed, or has unhealthy lifestyle habits. However, don’t be too quick to judge—dark circles under the eyes is also a hereditary problem and a fairly common sign of aging.

  • What constitutes the best eye cream for dark circles? Unfortunately, there are no “instant” or magical solutions to dark under eyes. I know your best friend told you in 8th grade that you could put cold spoons under your eyes and the dark circles would go away, but that simply isn’t true. Even the best eye cream for dark circles won’t work instantaneously. The best eye cream for dark circles, then, is one that will work effectively with some time. Top solutions for dark under-eyes will also help you hide the dark circles while they heal, using a brightener or concealer.
  • What is the best eye cream for dark circles? There isn’t a single answer for this question, but there are a few eye creams and other products that are quite good for getting rid of the dark circles under your eyes.


Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles

  • Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology Intensive 3-in-1 Eye Cream. In addition to reducing the appearance of dark circles, this eye cream also reduces crow’s feet and fine lines around your eyes. Users like it because it makes their eyes brighter while also firming the under-eye area.
  • Clinique All About Eyes. Clinique All About Eyes has won beauty awards, including one from Glamour magazine. It really is “all about eyes” – it fades dark circles, diminishes eye puffiness and also hydrates and moisturizes the eye area. It absorbs quickly and covers all your eye area problems. Just apply it once a day and you’re done!
  • Biore Skin Preservation See the Future Fortifying Eye Cream. This cream has also has multiple functions, as it works to reduce puffiness while alleviating dark circles. The texture is more cream-like, but also sort of feels like a serum. This product is perfect for those on the fence between getting an eye cream or getting a serum.


Best Eye Serum for Dark Circles

  • Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage. This under-eye dark circle facer is a serum that’s applied with a rollerball. Its feels both cool and soothing on your under-eye skin. The serum goes on as a liquid; there’s no stickiness or thickness to the texture. However, the serum stays put it; you don’t need to worry about it dripping down your face.


Best Dark Circle Eye Treatment

  • Avon ANEW Clinical Eye Lift. Consumers love this lifting eye treatment by Avon because it consists of two parts: a gel and a cream. The gel is designed to firm and smooth the wrinkles in the upper eye area. The cream rids your eyes of dark circles and soothes away puffiness.
  • Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Eye Treatment. This eye treatment consists of intense moisturizers and a light-diffusing powder. ItsDark Circle Targeting Complex’ addresses both melanin formation and poor local microcirculation—two causes of dark circles. Instantly brightens the eye area and uses botanical extracts for long terms solutions to brighter, more vibrant eyes.

Dark circles due to hereditary causes and sign of aging may never go away, but we can at least fight melanin formation and poor circulation in the under-eye area by using the above eye creams, serums and treatments. And if you are the sort of person who only gets dark circles under your eyes temporarily, it would definitely be worthwhile to have one of these top eye creams for dark circles as part of your beauty supply.